Hi, I’m Josh Hartwell, Local Business Owner Here In Roswell!
I’m On a Mission To Help Our Local Community…
Starting With Other Small Businesses!

That’s Why I Created The Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind…
A Group For Business Owners That Actually Helps You Grow Your Business Here In Roswell!
(WithOUT Spending a fortune on membership fees or getting a Business MBA!)

And I Hope You’ll Join The Mission As A Founding Member Today!

Josh helped me identify the important, core functions of my business.
Ken Bertin, Owner | All Signs

Josh has been amazing at helping me
Sum Juan, Owner | Biz I Ness

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Together We Can Build Up Our Community

Hey, Josh here.

I believe if we want to raise the standards of our community, we need to help raise up the people of our community.

There are “business organizations” here in Roswell that supposedly help business owners. Unfortunately, their so-called support is nothing more than hosting one monthly networking event where the same few people show up time after time.

Or they spend their time getting large companies to come to town, leaving the small businesses in the community competing for employees, competing for disposable income, competing for wages and benefits, and competing against companies with whole marketing departments and human resource teams.

All while these organizations say, “We are here to help you”.

Yet, they don’t do anything to ACTUALLY help the small businesses that are already here.

That’s why I’ve created the Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind.

Help is here.

Josh Hartwell

Founder, Gravity Enterpreneur
Roswell NM business owner

What Is The Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind?

The Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind is a community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed in their business. It’s a place where the struggles of running a business are understood and where you find knowledge, tools, support, and camaraderie.

Every business needs a plan.

Having a plan is good.

Having a group of supportive peers holding you accountable to executing the plan, is better.

Having a group help you create your plan, give you feedback on your results on executing your plan, and celebrating your success is BEST!

Plan, execute, review, plan, execute, review…

That’s what we do here!


This Is For You If…

  • You have a business
  • You want help to grow your business
  • You are coachable
  • You are self-funding your business
  • You are a go-getter who has a desire for success
  • You invest in yourself
  • You are tired of “doing stuff” in your business but not feeling successful
  • You want to surround yourself with other people who are rooting for you

What You’ll Experience As A Founding Member…

Phase 1

(Your 1st 6 Weeks In The Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind)

Here is where we add rocket fuel to your business. You see, most business owners don’t really have an understanding of their business and how it works. That might be offensive to some who have been at it a while, but if you are wishing there is more money in your bank account, or your frustrated with not knowing how to grow your business, its probably true for you. During the first 6 weeks together we are going to fix that. And it all starts with writing your dream and creating a plan on how to achieve it.

Here’s the steps we take together to make that happen:

Discover the 5 Functions of Business

Business can seem complex, but once you master the 5 Functions of Business and how all the many business activities work together inside those functions, you will unlock the mysteries of business creation and development.

17 Mindsets of A Gravity Entrepreneur

Mindset is everything. We’ve compiled the most common mindsets shared by the most successful people. These seventeen mindsets are broken down into three categories: vision, leadership, and attitude. Adopt these for yourself and require it of any partners and managers.

Business Plan Framework

Planning is fundamental to any successful endeavor. Discover an easy-to-implement framework that you can apply over and over again in all areas of your life.

A Completed 3-Year Plan for your business

At the end of just 6 weeks, you will have a completed plan for your business that reminds you of your WHY, states what you do, what your customer gets, describes what your business looks like in 3 years, and details a “daily to-get-done” to see your plan succeed.

Fill-In-The-Blank Business Templates

Spend less time researching how to do something and more time getting things done. These templates and checklists help you work on your business without having to start from scratch.

Daily Success Planner

Once your plan is created, execution of the plan is your next step. Getting into the habit of constantly taking action takes time to develop. A daily planner will help you keep track of what you need to do, what you have done, and how well you did at it. “What gets tracked, gets our attention”.

Fs7 (Personal Development Framework)

Everything about you got you to where you are today. Entrepreneurs need to grow to constantly meet the new levels of their business. Utilize the Fs7 to continuously increase your capacity in all areas of your life.

Phase 2

(Week 7+ In The Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind)

In Phase 1 you wrote your dream and a plan on how to achieve it. In Phase 2, you put all your planning into production.

As a member of the Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind, you’ll never do it alone. 

You begin to complete your plan one step at a time. Then you come back to the group and report on the progress, get support with any challenges, and join us as we celebrate your success with you.

Here’s what your support looks like in Phase 2:

Peer Review

Leverage the principle of synergy in your business planning by getting the perspective of other entrepreneurs. Avoid costly mistakes, or get shortcuts to success by learning and sharing from past experiences.


Those who have a coach succeed farther and faster than those who go it alone. Inside the Mastermind group, you get access to coaching that is specific to your business.

Accountability & Support

There’s a lot to be said about peer pressure. Use the principle to hold yourself to doing the things that move you to complete your goals and achieve your dreams.

With this support, you will develop the priceless habit of executing your plan.

You also have access to an ever-growing collection of business resources where you can quickly increase your knowledge in all areas of business.

So… Let's Talk About the Investment…

Most people who run masterminds like this charge between $200 to $2,500 per month to join their group.

And with the actual hands on support, training, and community you’ll experience when you are a member of the Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind, I could definitely justify doing the same.

But my goal isn’t to be like “most people”.

My goal is to help the self-funded, locally-owned, small business in and around Roswell, NM.

I put some serious thought (some GRAVITY) into how I could best help the local business community.

I believe I can best help other business owners like you by training them how to build and run successful small businesses.

But I also have operational costs, just like you do. So I’ve gotta charge something…

Usually, membership is just $1,000 per year. Which is an amazing deal already!

But right now, I’m opening the doors for a limited time for a small group of founders with a special price…

Save big and join for just $47 per month today with a no-contract, cancel-anytime membership.

So, instead of joining some business organization that doesn’t give you business training, or joining an overpriced online mastermind that pulls more money out of your business than you do, …

You can join and choose to stay in the Gravity Entrepreneur Mastermind…

It sounds like some real BUSINESS GRAVITY if you ask me!

Info On Meeting Times and Places

The mastermind is delivered in part with video,  Zoom Meetings, and in-person meetings.

Videos range from 5-20 minutes in length. The first week there are daily videos, then it tapers down to a weekly video.

Weekly Zoom Meetings should last 45 minutes to an hour depending on the number of attendees. These are fast meetings so you need to be prepared with what you need help with. These are tied in with the weekly videos, so don’t miss them. Weekly Zoom meetings will be every ###day at 7:30 AM.

Monthly in-person meetings will last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the number of attendees. These meetings is where you get peer feedback and where you are able to help out others in the mastermind. In-person meetings are scheduled the 4th ###day of the month. 

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