17 Mindsets of A Gravity Entrepreneur

Welcome, aspiring entrepreneurs!

In today’s business world, mindset plays a critical role in determining success. It is not just about having the skills, experience, and knowledge; it is about having the right attitude and perspective towards challenges, failures, and opportunities.

Mindset refers to the set of beliefs, attitudes, and values that shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It can either empower us or limit us from achieving our goals.

Why is mindset important in entrepreneurship?

Simply put, it determines how we perceive and respond to the challenges and uncertainties of the business environment. A growth mindset allows us to embrace failures as learning opportunities, persist through obstacles, and continuously improve ourselves and our businesses. On the other hand, a fixed mindset can hold us back by making us fear failure, resist change, and stick to our comfort zones.

As entrepreneurs, we need to cultivate a growth mindset to adapt to the dynamic market conditions, innovate and stay competitive.

Creating the right mindset can bring numerous benefits to entrepreneurs. It can increase resilience, creativity, and productivity, as well as enhance our ability to take calculated risks, seize opportunities, and make strategic decisions. By developing a growth mindset, we can learn from our mistakes, explore new possibilities, and leverage our strengths to achieve our goals.

At Gravity Entrepreneur, we identified 17 mindsets that highly successful people have. These mindsets have been grouped into three areas: Attitude, Vision, and Leadership. Adopt these mindset and you become a successful entrepreneur.


Always improve yourself.

You cannot increase any area of your life without first increasing your capacity in that area. Life is about constant improvement. 

Always take responsibility for the results.

There is a difference between responsibility and blame. Responsibility says I’ll make sure it happens. I’ll take ownership of seeing the result happen. Blame says 

Always expect excellence

Excellence is doing your best. Expect the best from yourself and others at all times.

Always solve for success.

Success is achieving a desired result. When you face challenges, you want to solve the challenge in a way that moves you toward your desired goal. 

Always turn setbacks into opportunities

Setbacks are going to happen. When they do, embrace the challenge and turn it into an opportunity.

Always move with speed

Hesitation kills momentum. Learn to make good decisions with minimum information.

Always focus on the positive  

Ditch the downers, the doubters, and the don’t doers. Focus your energy on gratitude, love, and belief.


Always start with a million-dollar business goal

    If achieving the goal doesn’t make you nervous, it’s not big enough. Your goal should be bigger than you. 

    Always have a vision for where you’re going

      When there is no vision, there is apathy. Where there is apathy, there is confusion, chaos, and lack of interest.

      Always make goals-always take action

        Determine your desired outcome, clearly identify it, and write it down. Do things that work towards achieving that result. 

        Always be the best known

          People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Knowing comes first, so be the best known.

          Always create, and over-deliver value to all the stakeholders.

            Value needs to be created for more than just the customers.


            Always serve

            When you strive to give more than you get, you end up getting more than you give.

            Always know the problem you solve

            Stay focused on what you do best. Avoid shiny object syndrome and other distractions.

            Always do everything with purpose


            Always be marketing and selling

            Constantly talk about what problem you solve, and then ask if you can solve that problem for them.

            Always leverage the abilities of “Who’s”

            You have awesome skills and abilities. You also have weaknesses. Find others that have awesome skills to fill your weaknesses.